Acrylic and Graphite on Stretched Canvas


Shipped in a heavy duty box.

Coated with matte varnish for protection agains sunlight and dust damage.

Shipping included within the continental US

Edges are painted white.

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DREAM QUEST 4  is one of a large body of work released in the fall of 2019 entitled PRECIPICE. This Fall 2019 collection of paintings is inspired by a vivid dream I had years ago during a difficult time in my life. It is an expression of the idea or feeling of being on the edge of something big..on the brink. DREAM QUEST 4 is the second in a series of 4 paintings which originally were studies to decide where this series was going. These are studies in the techniques, lines, shapes and compositions which can best be used to express the dream moving forward. They are called DREAM QUEST because the dream itself is about a perilous journey of self-discovery in which I have to complete several tasks to retrieve my ‘identity’. It is an ‘epic quest’.