Acrylic, Paper, Soft Pastel and Graphite on Stretched Canvas


Drips are left showing on edges.

The painting is shipped in a double-walled box.

Please contact me for a shipping quote if shipping internationally.

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CHOICES is part of the Spring Series, Breathe, which is an abstract expression of the exploration of seeking out a simpler life, letting go of stuff, and becoming more minimalist in the search for balance and streamlining. Much of this series involved painting over old paintings and using materials already in the studio instead of buying new. I call this "CHOICES" because I began the process of painting it by painting over an old painting and choosing some ‘pieces’ of the painting to show through. The next step was to add new elements of collage created from clippings around the studio. Finally, the favored pieces of the painting, those which seemed ‘just right’ were left showing and the rest was covered in sheer washes of white. This abstract painting, in its very process, is an expression of the choices we make in letting go of those things which aren’t ‘just right’ and learning to keep fewer but more joyful things. It is a very intentional process.