Huss grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast and moved to Mexico when she was eighteen. She spent many years on the coasts of Mexico immersed in the language and culture of the Mexican people as well as the abundant natural beauty there, staying true to her desire for new experiences and love of travel. She later settled in the Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri  to raise a family. There, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Advertising/PR and Master of Arts in Communication. She currently resides in Corpus Christi, TX. Her connection with nature-especially water-has always been present. This connection, and her emotional journey as a human being are the inspiration for her work.

Huss’ art tells the story of a human on a journey, conveying an appreciation for process and capturing moments of growth, stagnancy, complexity and beauty. She uses a combination of materials in often unconventional ways, letting the work unfold organically as she paints.


I seek to create abstract paintings which are a communication of my most honest self to others. My journey as a human being and the process of creating flow together organically and intuitively through brushstrokes, marks and movement of water. They are an expression of the melding of experiences, observation, travel, and introspection-the layers of life. Because these things are constantly evolving, my work is also evolving to be more honest as time moves forward. I seek to peel back the layers, discovering my most primitive, creative self-the child within.