Why Blog? Why Paint? .....a letter to the reader

Conversations with the Viewer

 I realize some of you who search for and view artwork online haven’t had a chance to see it in a gallery or exhibit setting. What’s more, you haven’t had an opportunity to connect personally with the artist and this seems to be important for many of you who are looking to either purchase or learn more about the art and how it is made. At shows and exhibitions, I enjoy those conversations because they give me a chance to really reflect on my work, inspiration, and the process of bringing it to fruition. Truly, I often walk away inspired by you: the art collector, gallerist, artist, or student of art. This post, and those to come, are my way of having those conversations with you, even though we aren’t in an “in person” setting.


Someone close to me once commented that he thought blogging was a completely narcissistic endeavor. Admittedly, I partially agree but one could argue that making art is the same thing. I do if for me, because I enjoy it and it’s a way for me to have the more serious conversations with others which are difficult to articulate in the traditional way. The art is how I express the constant chatter in my brain (as to what and why I’m expressing, check out my artist statement here ) , get it down on canvas or paper and put it out there to see what happens. It’s a form of communication. Just as an intelligent conversation can feed and stimulate the brain, making art helps me exercise and evolve my creative ideas. I hope somehow many of you have found outlets which help you do the same. There is value to sharing this imagery in my brain with the world, just as there is value to sharing thoughts and ideas in a blog. Blogging to me isn’t about being an expert, so don’t assume anything you read here is my ‘expert advice’. This is just me sharing thoughts about life, art, and processes which are unique to me. I want to make connections and I hope others do too.

What Inspires Me?

I don’t believe it is possible to separate the artist’s life from the work because much of who we are is in it.

One of the most common questions I’m asked at art shows is “Where do you get your inspiration?” or “What inspired this series, painting, etc.?”. That’s a long story and I’ll probably leave the full explanation for another blog but in a nutshell; inspiration comes from engaging fully in life. This means listening to others, being curious about images and information, and having an open mind to develop a convergence of thoughts and imagery.

I work to lead a life which keeps me inspired and want to share that with you because I believe sharing our stories can build bridges which help people connect and grow their ideas.

In the spirit of that sharing, feel free to comment, ask questions, etc.